We provide a better healthcare data and medication therapy management for hospitals and patients.

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So intuitive that it requires little or no training to use.

  • Two-way Identification System: patient ID or fingerprint scan.

  • Seamlessly onboard your staff & patients within seconds.

  • Appealing user interface perfect for the non-tech savvy.


No internet? No power?
No problem!

  • Runs offline and syncs to the cloud once a connection is available.

  • Free of device or OS specs. Available on any device 24/7.


Manage everything in one place.

  • Comprehensive patient files covering encounter notes, prescriptions, vitals, labs, radiographs etc.


It knows your hospital well.

  • Visually-appealing; real-time analytics at your finger tips.

  • Monitors trends, triggers alerts, generates reports and more!

Free training & 24-hour support system.

99.99% Uptime.

Serious about security & privacy

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